Barcelona Day 1… airplane trip, arrival, and walking Las Ramblas

Vacation planning… airplane trip, arrival in Barcelona and walking Las Ramblas!

Every time I travel I  like to visualize the voyage, the process of “getting there” and for me, this is even more important when you are traveling with family and friends.   We are traveling to Barcelona to take a 8-day Mediterranean Cruise with my kids and my parents (I know God Bless my husband). We are flying to Barcelona via Frankfurt and it will be FUN!.  Having been in long flights throughout my traveling time I am looking forward to “cross the pond” with my kids for the first time 😉)

TIP#1:  Book a transatlantic flight that flights through the night so you force yourself to sleep during the flight and helps you handle the jet lag a bit better

We are departing from Houston at 4:30 pm.  The kids will go to school as usual and we will go from their school to the airport.  I will give them a light snack at the airport and wait until dinner on the plane. The intention is for them to sleep as much as possible and “wake up” in Frankfurt. From Frankfurt, we take a 2-hour flight to Barcelona and arrive in Barcelona at 1:30 pm.

We meet my parents at the Hotel which is located by Plaza Catalunya and the Rambla.  We take some time to rest and we go for walk by the Ramblas. My intention is to walk hitting the following places:

Casa Batllo – 3-minute walk

Plaza Catalunya – 9-minute walk

Rambla del Raval – 15-minute walk

Palau Guell – 7-minute walk

Colon Monument – 7-minute walk

We will have dinner when hungry and I have spotted three different “Tapas” places along the way.  

We will walk back to the hotel while expressing our gratitude for been in Barcelona altogether and I hope we can spot a good place to have a dessert with coffee on our way back to the hotel.

TIP#2: When you are jet lag and its time to sleep take melatonin. It helps to regulate your new time zones.  Also if you can sleep with the curtains open so that the sunlight can help to wake you up and will be easier for your internal clock to self-regulate.

I will take note of the first day and see how close we are to the above itinerary. I am always curious to see how much of the planning becomes a reality and even more important how much it helps when we deviate from the plan itself.

And now lets get to Day#2

Travel time… Here we go!

Burnt Orange Travel Postcard

I love to travel… It has always been an important part of my life.  My family loves to travel and that passion has been passed to me. I have been lucky to travel around the world (Paris, London, Spain, Berlin, Philippines, Singapore, China, Palau, Syria among other places)  These journeys have remained in my mind, coming back to me from time to time, making me smile, forcing me to remember a wonderful encapsulated time in my space, a safe place in my mind where I am happy, free and safe. 

As mentioned I have been in several countries, both for personal and professional reasons, each one of those opportunities was fully embraced.   I like to prepare for my travels, I like to know where I am going, I like to know which places need to be visited, the history, the food, the people, the culture.  I have always joked to my husband I am frustrated travel agent, he always laughed, until the time we went to Europe. It was his first trip and we went to 12 cities in 14 days.  From The Netherlands to Belgium to France to Italy, it was magical and it was perfect. It took a lot of planning and research, but 5 years later I can still see his eyes light up when he mentions the trip to friends and family.  (I can give you the details of that trip if you want)

My oldest son has inherited my love for travel, at 12 years old he is full of travel ideas, places he wants to go, the food he wants to try, the different cultures, the adventure. So we are going on a trip. We are taking a Mediterranean Cruise from Barcelona.  My family (husband and two sons) and my parents. We are celebrating my dad’s 70th birthday and I am excited to share this trip with my family. It would be the first time I go to Europe with my parents and that makes it special in a very sentimental way.

So we are leaving in 57 days and I am in full planning mode.  I have decided to include our planning and experiences in this blog. So stay tuned as I plan and execute a Mediterranean Cruise with 4 days in Barcelona for 6, including travel tips, from packing to eating, accommodations, and tours.  It will be fun and you are invited.

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