6 Tips on how to support your kids in school…

It is usual for us parents to have high expectations for our kids at school. I have always said to my kids over and over that their main responsibility is to study and do their best at school. I, as a parent, expect my kids to help around the house and clean their rooms, andContinue reading “6 Tips on how to support your kids in school…”

Summer Lessons and Back to School Daze

My two boys have been going to Panama (where I was born) since they were 1 year-old.  They will always go for 5 to 6 weeks depending on my parents (they stay with them while in Panama), and my plans for the summer.   Last summer, it was the first time in 13 years thatContinue reading “Summer Lessons and Back to School Daze”

6 Tips para ayudar a tus hijos en la escuela

Nosotros como padres tenemos una expectativa muy alta de cómo nuestros hijos deberían de llevar los estudios.  Nosotros esperamos que nuestros hijos tengan notas altas, que sean responsables con sus tareas y proyectos escolares, que se porten bien durante clases, y ahora esperamos que no toquen nada y mantengan sus mascaras todo el día. A misContinue reading “6 Tips para ayudar a tus hijos en la escuela”

Memories from an “all girls” Catholic school

My son, following the public education of where we live, will go through four schools before graduating from high school. He is truly unfazed by the system and is already looking forward to going to his third school, I,  on the other hand, cannot help but feel anxious that he is not creating roots andContinue reading “Memories from an “all girls” Catholic school”