Unleash your curiosity for New Interests and Passions

We all move through life like an over-rehearsed dance and it takes time and practice and a lot of will to slow the music and to use our intuition to decide when to stop the dance and watch our performance from afar.

We learn to focus on what we need to do to survive each day.  Taking care of our loved ones and the people closest to us, but, sadly at times, we leave ourselves out of our own top priority list.  As we move through life there are so many experiences that can trigger our attention.  From playing a sport to knowing how to do pottery.  Perhaps we are interested in learning how to read Tarot Cards or to be a bird watcher, or photography.   There are so many interests from yoga practice to breakdown dancing… we need to let our hearts and mind guide our attention and release the fear of trying new things.  We don’t have to be the best at it, we just need to try it, we need to be brave and kind and let go of what other people may think as we walk our own path.

These interests and passions are necessary to nurture our souls and to provide ourselves with the time and space for self-growth.  Perhaps the interest will be short-lived (like when I wanted to learn about constellations), or perhaps it will develop in a life-long pursuit (like with my passion for quilting).  

Sometimes these interests and passions will be not easy to pursue or to stick with. They may require a lot of time and effort from our side, but nevertheless, if we have the flame ignited within us we owe ourselves to make the effort and find out how it fulfills us in our journey of life.

Also, there is a misconception that we need to finish everything that we start.  Not true. You can start to pursue an interest or passion and discover that flame has burned out midway. It’s ok, take in all that you have learned, and see what is next on your list.  Maybe you will go from doing pottery to learning how to dance Flamenco… hey they both sound exciting!

Go out and pursue an interest, a passion, a hobby.  Treat yourself with the gift of discovery free of judgment.  From playing video games to learning how to quilt, there are so many interests to learn, to make our brains tickle with curiosity, to make our hearts beat at the rhythm of our own illusions and thoughts.   We don’t need to have an artistic side or a tech side, we just need to set aside kindness to let our heart guide us into what attracts us and have the courage to pursue it.

5 Inspiring Actions to do Every Morning

Every morning is a new opportunity to pursue success and happiness.  An opportunity to be kind, to be productive, to reach goals, and to make dreams come true.

It is important to have small morning actions that are part of your morning routine that propels you to start the day with a positive mindset.  The majority of the time these actions are easy to put into practice and can make the world of difference in how your day goes forward.

I am providing five of these simple actions below. My intention is that some of them can easily be incorporated or added to your ongoing morning routine adding positivism, kindness, and peace to your mornings and setting up the day the right way mentally, emotionally, and physically.

  1. Make your bed:  It has been proven that making your bed boosts your sense of productivity.  Making your bed provides you with the personal satisfaction of been productive and protective of your personal space.  Also coming home to a room with a tidy bed provides additional comfort.  Try it. Make your bed. Every morning.
  2. Say good morning:  Saying good morning is a kind way to start the day.  Say good morning to your spouse, your kids, your pets, neighbors, coworkers, teachers, and classmates.  Greet everyone you see in the morning with a heartfelt Good Morning. You will start noticing your heart-opening.  Be kind and say good morning with a smile.
  3. Listen to an uplifting and positive podcast:  Starting your day with a positive podcast is a fantastic idea to add to your morning rituals.  There is so many uplifting podcast nowadays, from short ones to long ones and from meditation to affirmations.  Listening to positivism and motivational stories while prepping breakfast, getting ready, or commuting is food for the mind and soul.
  4. Do breathing exercises:  There are so many good free apps that have short breathing exercises for free.  Just 3 to 5 minutes will do the job and you will feel alert, mindful, conscious, and peaceful. 
  5. Check your calendar:  Keep track of what is happening in your day early in the morning.  From using your phone calendar to an old-school agenda, take two minutes every morning to see what is up with your day. From grocery shopping to dinner planning, from doctor’s appointments, paying bills, or even doing laundry.  Keeping track of your to-do list early in the morning will ensure you actually accomplish them on time.

There you have it, 5 easy actions you can incorporate into your morning rituals that do not change what you already are doing, but add zest, inspiration, peace, kindness, and happiness to your morning. After all, that’s what we want… HAPPY MORNINGS.

Go ahead and create your own inspiring morning ritual. It is not about adding habits that will take forever and even increase your stress level, but that you can easily add to your ongoing one.  Try one of the tips every week and see if it works for you or not, then keep adding or changing them every week until your mornings become an open opportunity to get your body, mind, and soul ready for a happy day.

3 Great Tips to be a Hopeful Person

Hopeful by definition means  “feeling or inspiring optimism about a future event” and in our lives, we need to cultivate the ability (or superpower) to be hopeful.  It is hard to talk about being optimistic and about better times when we just closed a year full of uncertainties and fears, however, being hopeful is, together with gratitude, our security blanket for a better day tomorrow, for a better 2021 year.

When we don’t feel hopeful we don’t expect a better outcome, we don’t expect things to get better, we will hit a moment in which the fear of failure becomes the result.

So how can we help ourselves to be more hopeful?  The road to being more hopeful is not difficult but it does require us to change our mindset.    First, we need to learn to put the situation we are in in a perspective that can provide us a better view, looking at the glass half full is always a better perspective than half empty. Focusing on what we have, on what we keep, on what we maintain is key when focusing on a better perspective. 

Also, it is important to surround ourselves with positivism, from daily affirmations throughout the day, to fill a positive quote board that we can access when we need to adjust our mindset.  Feeding our minds and spirit with positive stories, quotes, moments, and thoughts will keep us moving forward.

Finally, practicing gratitude will allow us to fill our days with the certainty that we are lucky, that we are special, that we do have daily miracles happening to us.  Keep a gratitude journal and when we see all the good things that happen in any given day we will realize that believing in good results and positive outcomes is a natural mindset that we can achieve.

Wishing you a hopeful 2021!

Short and Long Term Goals…. Easy Tips to Stay on Top of your Goals for 2021!

When setting up our goals for 2021 year it is important to make sure we do it in a S.M.A.R.T. way.  It is super important to set your goals correctly, taking into account many aspects that are needed for you to accomplish them on time.   I usually use the S.M.A.R.T. approach when setting up my goals:

S – Specific:  This is important as it is not the same to say I want to save money every month than saying I want to save $150.00 every month or to say I am going to read more than saying I will read 4 books every month.  Be specific with your goal.

M – Measurable: Your goal needs to be measurable in order to know how far or close you are to achieving it.  You need to be able to look and see that although you need to save $150.00 you have so far saved $75.00 and therefore be able to make adjustments in order to accomplish your goal.

A – Action Oriented:  You need to be able to act your goal in order to accomplish it. You can save money by doing or changing or adjusting certain expenses, or you can read more books by setting up a time for it. Both of these goals are based on actions that you can take and that you can control.   Setting goals in which you expect the actions of others will not reward you in the end.

R – Realistic: Your actions need to be realistic and you should e able to make them happen. If you have a busy working life or mom life, it would be very difficult to say you will read 100 books in one year or that you will take a 30-minute bath every day.  Your goal needs to be achievable by your actions.

T – Time-based:  Your actions should have a dateline. Either if it is a short term goal or a long term goal, putting a time will make you accountable and will allow you to see what adjustments you need to make in order to complete the goal.

Additionally, there are Short Term and Long Term Goals.  My usual method when setting up my goals is to pick a Long Term Goal, for example, have a successful Life Coaching practice for which I can give it a 2-year Timetable.  This Long Term Goal can be broken down in Small Short Term goals which can take up to 6 months and can be from completing additional Life Coaching Courses, to setting up a Marketing Strategy, completing Course Content, or getting clients.  Each one will have a specific Goal based on the S.M.AR.T. mode which allows me to build on my Long Term Goal.

Call to action!!!

Come up with 2 long Term Goals that can from 1 to 2 years, for example:

  • Losing weight
  • Writing a book
  • Having a successful social media presence
  • Becoming a sweet baker
  • Learning how to cook a specific cuisine (Indian, Chinese, Korean, Southern)
  • Completing educational courses
  • Learning a new language

Then break this Long Term Goal into smaller S.M.A.R.T. Goals (at least 2) that you can complete within 6 months each.  

Then commit! You are taking the time to make sure your GOAL is SMART and ATTAINABLE.  You are now accountable to make it happen.

What are Limiting Beliefs and How we can Recognize them?

We all have different aspects of our lives that could potentially be holding us back. These aspects can be beliefs, habits, mindsets, or attitudes and for the most part, we grow so attached to them that we hold them as true. Limiting beliefs can be about yourself, about others surrounding us, about things that we own or that we want to own, or about things that we are afraid of or do not want in our lives.

Limiting beliefs do have a negative effect on our lives including:

  • Holding us back from making different or risky choices;
  • Keeping us from seeing good opportunities presenting or missing out on those opportunities because of our lack of confidence;
  • Blinding us from our self-worth and positive qualities;
  • Keeping us focused on the negative aspects of our lives accepting them as “meant to be”

It can be as simple as something that our parents, or older siblings, or grandparents have been saying all of our lives, for example, sayings like “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or it can be learned from friends, teachers, coaches, co-workers, culture and social media.

There are so many limiting beliefs that are an obstacle to our goals and dreams and if we are not aware of the true nature of those beliefs we will live our lives with an overcast shadow of doubt and we will pass it along to our kids, students, co-workers, or friends.

Below I am giving you a few of the limiting beliefs that resonated with me while growing up and when I was a young adult. These beliefs became a fundamental part of my belief system and it was not easy to weed them out as negative aspects that negatively affected my life.

For example:

  1. All the good ones are already taken
  2. I don’t have the skills of talent
  3. Apples do not fall far from the tree 
  4. What is meant to be is meant to be
  5. Is not good to swim against the current
  6. Successful people are just lucky
  7. I am not lucky because I never win anything
  8. I am just not good with money
  9. I always lose everything
  10. Rich people are arrogant

Each one of the above is a limiting belief that has at some point put a damper in my love life, my bank account, my optimism and hopes, and at the same time have made me settle with less of what I am worth and with less of what I can do.

Call to Action!

Write down 5 limiting beliefs that you have and next to it add in what aspect of your life it could have affected you. By being aware of our limiting beliefs we can start changing them into an affirmation that can work positively for us.

Acknowledging Lack of Expertise and Accepting Criticism

Through trial and error, we become better at what we do.  By doing the same task repeatedly we find ways to improve it, to be more efficient at it, and becoming experts in the subject.  But is not easy to get there. It takes humility to accept our own shortcomings and our lack of expertise, and also it takes humility to accept criticism.   

I personally grew up in a home in which all I did was always praised.  The mere act of trying was rewarded and therefore it was really challenging when my school work, or professional work, or even my house chores had some criticism attached to it.  I felt very big when I was praised, and in that same line, I felt very small when I was criticized.

However, with time I have understood that acknowledging that I am not an expert at certain things is an important first step in my road to a more humble me, the second step is to look up to people around me (or not so close to me) that seem to have a better understanding of the subject and ask for guidance.  I have found out that most people are willing to help out from the bottom of their hearts.

As the end of the year approaches, let’s be open to being more vulnerable at admitting that there are actions, knowledge, hobbies, interests, and passions that we want to be better at, but that in the process of getting there we need to seek the guidance of people who have walked the path before us. Additionally, we need to be willing to show our progress so that it can be constructively criticized and allowing us to see where our gaps are so that we can get better at it.

We are perfection on the works, and the road to continuous improvement will always be ahead of us. Being humble and vulnerable while walking our path is how we will cross the finish line.

Weekly goal:  Be committed to accomplishing one goal!

It is Sunday and as we pull out our bullet journals and start drafting how the week will pretty much plan out, let’s take the moment to choose one goal that we will focus throughout the entire week.  It can be anything including:

  • Getting Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas Day meal menu (including shopping list)
  • Wrapping all Christmas presents
  • Commit to doing fasting for the whole week (either 16/8 or 20/4)
  • Commit to doing cardio every day of the week
  • Commit to not eat any sugar (cakes, cookies, pies) for the whole week
  • Write in your gratitude journal twice a day for the whole week

Whichever is your goal commit whole heartened for the next 7 days.  As the year comes to an end and our hopes and faith get renewed based on the promise of the upcoming year finishing the last few weeks strong and reaching goals will give us the assurance that we can complete our goals.

Sometimes we just need accomplishments to move forward to more commitments!

6 Tips para ayudar a tus hijos en la escuela

Nosotros como padres tenemos una expectativa muy alta de cómo nuestros hijos deberían de llevar los estudios.  Nosotros esperamos que nuestros hijos tengan notas altas, que sean responsables con sus tareas y proyectos escolares, que se porten bien durante clases, y ahora esperamos que no toquen nada y mantengan sus mascaras todo el día.

A mis hijos siempre se les ha pedido, como única responsabilidad, dar el 100% en el Colegio. Independientemente de la clase, o de la maestra, o de el grado. Es importante para nosotros que ellos entiendan que la expectative es alta y qué se espera que den lo mejor de sí para alcanzarla.

Como padres también entiendo que tenemos una responsabilidad con nuestros hijos. De darles las herramientas, el espacio, y el apoyo necesario para que puedan alcanzar sus metas. Aquí les dejos 6 tips importantes que nos ayudaran como padres, como hermanos major, como tíos or abuelos, a darles a nuestros niños mejores oportunidades para alcanzar sus metas escolares.

Crea el habito de la lectura: Dale a tus hijos el tiempo para leer todos los días. Estudios confirman que leer todos los días es básico para el desenvolvimiento intelectual. El tiempo para leer se debe de ajustar a la edad de los niños. Por ejemplo un niño de 9 debería de leer de 20 a 25 minutos, y un niño de 12 anos debería de leer de 25 a 30 minutos diarios. El habito de la lectura les ayudar a crear una fundación de disciplina que mantendrán durante su vida estudiantil.

Provee un lugar para estudiar: Puede ser un escritorio en sus cuartos o tu cuarto, la sala, o hasta la mesa de comer o la mesa de desayuno. Cualquier lugar funcionara mientras sea un lugar que sea cómodo, que este bien iluminado, que puedan sentarse con una mesa (no acostados), y que puedan usar diariamente. Los niños distinguirán con tiempo la importancia de tener un lugar reservado para el estudio. Donde puedan ir a estudiar que no sea sus camas.

Aprende con ellos: Esta claro que después de un día de trabajo, quehaceres en el hogar y manejar largas distancias lo que queremos hacer cuando llegamos a la casa es descansar. Pero tomarse el tiempo para aprender con tus hijos es importante en sus formaciones educacional. Leer con ellos alguna enciclopedia, por ejemplo es un acto divertido, dándoles la oportunidad de escoger el tema y compartir con ellos la lectura. Ver como sus ojitos se iluminan con información nueva es un momento inolvidable tanto para los niños como para nosotros los padres. Hacerse cómplices de su educación es sin duda algo increíble.

Apoyarlos en los que les interesa: El mundo tiene infinidad de cosas que aprender. Desde el Titanic a piedras preciosas, desde Dinosaurios hasta el espacio, incluyendo historia, religiones, o geografia. La imaginación de nuestros hijos sera cautivada por alguno, o varios de estos temas, y cuando es así, deberíamos de apoyarlos. Ayudarlos a encontrar más material ya sea por la internet, o en una librería o biblioteca. Si les apasiona el mundo de el espacio llevarlos de la mano mientras nutren su curiosidad es un regalo que le daremos para toda sus vidas. Aprenderán que cuando algo les interesa esta bien seguirlo, leer y aprender sobre el tema.

Recompensa los éxitos y entiende los fracasos: Cuando nuestros hijos sacan excelente nota o son reconocidos por sus maestros tenemos que felicitarlos, decirles que estamos orgullosos de ellos, de sus triunfos. Por el otro lado cuando fracasan en algún proyecto o examen en vez de gritarles y hacerlos sentir peor, debemos hablar con ellos, entender cuál es el problema (falta de estudio, no entender el material, distracciones). En vez de atacarlos de una vez debemos de tratar de ser pacientes y abrir así las puertas de la comunicación. Estoy de acuerdo que a veces como resultado de esa mala nota se deben de tomar medidas de repercusión como disminuir el tiempo de ver TV o jugar juegos electrónicos. Guiarlos con un plan que les ayude a subir sus notas o hacer un proyecto para extra crédito también es importante.

Darles un desayuno saludable: Darles en el desayuno un alimento rico en nutrientes, bajo en azúcar, y con buenas grasas es prioritario. Cuando nuestros hijos comen sano y nutricioso, esta científicamente demostrado que sus cerebros están mas atentos y sus cuerpos mas energéticos y alertas. Desde batidos de vegetales y frutas (como en nuestra casa) hasta barras nutritivas, frutas frescas, huevos con tostadas, yogurt con frutas, o cereales bajos en azúcar. También sus snacks durante el día deberían de ser nutritivos, incluyendo zanahorias o otros vegetales, humus, almendras o otros nueces, tostadas con aguacate o mantequilla de mani. La nutrición es pivotal en su desempeño escolar.

Estos tips son importantes para alentar y apoyar a nuestros hijos en su Educación. Para poder exigirles su alto rendimiento escolar tenemos que apoyarlos y darles siempre ese aliento y confianza tan necesitado. Ya sea por su lado educativo o deportivo, debemos ser sus fanes numero uno. Hacerlos sentir que aunque esta sea su responsabilidad, y el trabajo tiene que ser 100% de ellos, aquí estamos para hecharle la mano, para darles aliento cuando caen, y para celebrar sus metas alcanzadas.

Siempre hay tiempo para la remembranza

La melancolía siempre ha sido una solida acompañante en mi vida. Siempre he disfrutado de esos momentos de soledad en los que los recuerdos se apoderan de nuestros pensamientos, y nos secuestran a un viaje gratuito, directo y sin escala al pasado.

Con el tiempo he aprendido a reconocer esa chispa de la memoria que se prende al escuchar esa canción en la radio. Esa canción que cantábamos hasta el amanecer rodeados de amistades, lugares extraños, risas, y bailes. Esa canción que transporta mi alma a ese momento en el que solo era importante reír y cantar y bailar. Esos momentos de felicidad.

Photo by veeterzy on Pexels.com

Viejas amistades son esenciales para poder recordar. Aferrada a los recuerdos dedico un tiempo para agradecer la buena fortuna de tener amistades que van a más de 30 anos. Amigas que iniciaron un Kindergarten conmigo jugando al escondite durante el recreo y que en un abrir y cerrar de ojos caminamos juntas a recibir nuestros diplomas. Corazones rotos, graduaciones con honores, bodas y divorcios, hacernos madres, y perder a nuestros seres queridos, todo ha pasado entre bailes, risas, y canciones.

Hoy hay lluvia afuera, busco entre mis CDs viejos y encuentro Duncan Dhu, y mi memoria me lleva a la Universidad, sentada en ese tranvía interminable que me llevaba de la Universidad a la casa, y donde Duncan Dhu y su disco “Piedras” me hicieron compañía mientras apoyaba mi frente en la ventana.

Dicen que recordar es volver a vivir… y en ese tranvía tengo 21 anos, no sé que pasara en mi futuro, pero pienso que me fue bien en el examen, mi corazón me duele un poco menos desde que termine con mi novio, y es Viernes y me voy de fiesta! Oh los recuerdos!

Ahora que ya se esta por terminar este ano, habrán muchos recuerdos que querremos enterrar en el baúl sin fondo donde guardamos los malos ratos… pero siempre habra esa canción, esa noticia, esa comida, ese comentario, esa palabra que nos hará recordar. Cuando es así cierra los ojos y sumérgete en la memoria. Recuerda con amor y con dolor, con risas y con lagrimas. Abre tus puertas a la remembranza, aun cuando viene acompañada de la melancolía.

When and why would you do a self-discovery journey?

When we think about our daily life we really fast start feeling overwhelming with our calendars full of things-to-do, appointments, family commitments, including our significant other and our kids.  We think of ourselves as the wife, the mother, the co-worker, the boss, the teacher, the nurse, the daughter, the aunt, the sister, the friend… the list is endless.  But is that who we are? Are our different “titles” what defines us? 

The answer is no. We are just running day after day fulfilling all these commitments and obligations, most of them with a big smile, a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling of love and gratitude… but is not who we are, is what we do.

This is why a journey of self-discovery is so important.  It is not to put a stop to all the things we do, but to learn to do them mindfully.  To consciously act upon our to-do list with the certainty of knowing the core of who we are, with the ability to extend the love to ourselves, to learn to be kind and compassionate towards our feelings, to believe we are in the pursuit of our happiness and this happiness is tangible.

There is no better day than today to start working on transforming our lives for the better and by doing it from within us.   Start today and you will be thanking yourself for the rest of your life for the gift of loving you.