6 Tips para ayudar a tus hijos en la escuela

Nosotros como padres tenemos una expectativa muy alta de cómo nuestros hijos deberían de llevar los estudios.  Nosotros esperamos que nuestros hijos tengan notas altas, que sean responsables con sus tareas y proyectos escolares, que se porten bien durante clases, y ahora esperamos que no toquen nada y mantengan sus mascaras todo el día. A misContinue reading “6 Tips para ayudar a tus hijos en la escuela”

Siempre hay tiempo para la remembranza

La melancolía siempre ha sido una solida acompañante en mi vida. Siempre he disfrutado de esos momentos de soledad en los que los recuerdos se apoderan de nuestros pensamientos, y nos secuestran a un viaje gratuito, directo y sin escala al pasado. Con el tiempo he aprendido a reconocer esa chispa de la memoria queContinue reading “Siempre hay tiempo para la remembranza”

When and why would you do a self-discovery journey?

When we think about our daily life we really fast start feeling overwhelming with our calendars full of things-to-do, appointments, family commitments, including our significant other and our kids.  We think of ourselves as the wife, the mother, the co-worker, the boss, the teacher, the nurse, the daughter, the aunt, the sister, the friend… theContinue reading “When and why would you do a self-discovery journey?”

Giving thanks when dealing with sadness

I woke up this morning with my home phone ringing. My home phone only rings if my parents or my grandmother calls… or if there is an emergency concerning my parents.  As soon as I heard the phone I had the certainty that there was bad news.  My uncle, Bishop Uriah Ashley, had passed awayContinue reading “Giving thanks when dealing with sadness”


My mindfulness journal tasked me today with being mindful in the morning.  This took a bit of thinking from my side… like many of us I wake up when “I need to” which is right before everything starts moving.  I wake up, I go straight to the bathroom get myself semi-ready and start working onContinue reading “WHAT DO YOU WHEN YOU FIRST WAKE UP?”

Chasing after that nighttime routine and why it is so important to catch it

It is well known and scientifically confirmed that having a healthy sleeping pattern is crucial to our overall mind, body, and soul wellness, and that adults should have between 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day. I have to recognize that throughout my life my sleeping patterns have been inconsistent, erratic, and flat outContinue reading “Chasing after that nighttime routine and why it is so important to catch it”

Why to look inward to find our balance

Every day we have the opportunity to redefine ourselves, I have been knowing this for a while and I do work daily on positive personal development. Practicing awareness with our surroundings as well as internally allows us to detect parts of our daily thoughts and beliefs that interfere with the goal of just “being aContinue reading “Why to look inward to find our balance”

watch out 40 here i come!

This post is brought to you by our sponsor, “Always Eat After 7 PM”. The opinions expressed below are my own. I am turning 40 with a whole new healthy lifestyle and following Always Eat After 7 PM: The Revolutionary Rule-Breaking Diet was the best gift I could have given myself.  After one month ofContinue reading “watch out 40 here i come!”