New Book Releases – April 19, 2022

Here we go again! Check out the new (and anticipated) book releases for this week. Here is a preview of 16 books that are released today so that you can make plans on which one you want to read first!. Of course, there are more books released this week, this is just a small preview!

Let us know which books you have been waiting for!

  1. The Drowning Summer by Christine Lynn Herman
Genre:   Fiction / Teen & Young Adult LGBTQ+ Romance
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Publish date: April 19, 2022
Pages: 348
Format:  Hardcover, and eBook

Premise of the book:  For generations, Mina Zanetti’s family has used the ocean’s power to guide the dead to their final resting place. But as sea levels rise, the ghosts grow more dangerous, and Mina has been shut out of the family business. When her former friend Evelyn performs another summoning that goes horribly wrong, the two girls must uncover who was really behind the drowning summer murders—and navigate their growing attraction—before the line between life and death dissolves for good.

2. Fevered Star (Between Earth and Sky Book 2) by Rebecca Roanhorse

Genre:  Fiction / Native American Literature
Publisher ‏ : Gallery / Saga Press
Publish date: April 19, 2022
Pages: 397
Format: Hardcover,  Book, Audiobook
Premise of this debut novel:  The great city of Tova is shattered. The sun is held within the smothering grip of the Crow God’s eclipse, but a comet that marks the death of a ruler and heralds the rise of a new order is imminent.
The Meridian: a land where magic has been codified and the worship of gods suppressed. How do you live when legends come to life, and the faith you had is rewarded?
Welcome back to the fantasy series of the decade in Fevered Star—book two of Between Earth and Sky.

3. With and Without You  by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka

Genre:  Fiction / Teen and Young Adult Coming of Age
Publisher ‏ : ‎Viking Books for Young Readers
Publish on: April 19, 2022
Pages: 384
Format: Hardcover, eBook, and Audiobook 

Premise of this book: If high school seniors Siena and Patrick were a superlative, they'd be Couple Most Likely to Marry. Three solid years of dating, and everyone agrees they're perfect for each other. But with college on the horizon, Siena begins to wonder whether staying together is the best idea. Does she really want to be tied down during the most transformative years of her life? So she makes a decision to break up with Patrick, convincing herself it's for the best. Though, before she can get the words out, he beats her to the punch: his family is moving. He’ll be spending senior year in Austin. A thousand miles away. Caught off guard by the news, Siena agrees to stay with Patrick, believing their relationship will naturally fizzle out with time and distance. But over a series of visits throughout the school year, Siena begins to see a different side of Patrick--one that has her falling in love with him all over again.

4. Sofi and the Bone Song by Adrienne Tooley

Genre:  Fiction / Teen and Young Adult Romance
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Margaret K. McElderry Books
Publish on:  April 19, 2022
Format:  Hardcover, Audiobook, and eBook

The premise of the book is:  Her father is a Musik, one of only five musicians in the country licensed to compose and perform original songs. In the kingdom of Aell, where winter is endless and magic is accessible to all, there are strict anti-magic laws ensuring music remains the last untouched art.

Sofi has spent her entire life training to inherit her father’s title. But on the day of the auditions, she is presented with unexpected competition in the form of Lara, a girl who has never before played the lute. Yet somehow, to Sofi’s horror, Lara puts on a performance that thoroughly enchants the judges.

5. The Memory Librarian: And Other Stories of Dirty Computer by Janelle Monáe

Genre:  Fiction / Science Fiction Short Stories
Publisher ‏ : ‎Harper Voyager
Publish on: April 19, 2022
Pages: 336
Format:  Hardcover, eBook, Audiobook 

The Premise of the book is below:  Expanding from that mythos, these stories fully explore what it’s like to live in such a totalitarian existence…and what it takes to get out of it. Building off the traditions of speculative writers such as Octavia Butler, Ted Chiang, Becky Chambers, and Nnedi Okorafor—and filled with the artistic genius and powerful themes that have made Monáe a worldwide icon in the first place—The Memory Librarian serves readers tales grounded in the human trials of identity expression, technology, and love, but also reaching through to the worlds of memory and time within, and the stakes and power that exists there.

6. Getting Over Max Cooper by Marcelle Karp

Genre:  Fiction / Teen and Young Adult Friendship
Publisher ‏ : ‎ G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers
Publish on:  April 19, 2022
Pages: 288
Format: Hardcover,  eBook, Audiobook

The Premise of the book is below:  Jazz Jacobson has spent fourteen of her sixteen summers on Fire Island. It's just an hour from Manhattan but feels like a world away, where Jazz thrives in the absence of the social hierarchies and pressures of high school. Most of all, it's the place where she's reunited with her best friend, Macy Whelan.

Boundaries are crossed and the edge of sanity is tested in Marcelle Karp's debut novel, which celebrates the complicated dynamics of female friendship and the heartbreaking ache of first love.

7. My Sister’s Big Fat Indian Wedding by Sajni Patel

Genre:  Fiction / Teen and Young Adult Musical
Publisher ‏ : Amulet Books
Publish on: April 19, 2022
Pages: 366
Format:  Hardcover, eBook, Hardcover
The Premise of the book: A fresh, witty rom-com romp set against the backdrop of a high-profile music competition and a riotous Indian wedding
Zurika Damani is a naturally gifted violinist with a particular love for hip hop beats. But when you’re part of a big Indian family, everyone has expectations, and those certainly don’t include hip hop violin. After being rejected by Juilliard, Zuri's last hope is a contest judged by a panel of top tier college scouts. The only problem? This coveted competition happens to take place during Zuri’s sister’s extravagant wedding week. And Zuri has already been warned, repeatedly, that she is not to miss a single moment.

8. The Unknown Beloved: A Novel  by Amy Harmon

Genre:  Fiction / Historical Mysteries
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Lake Union Publishing
Publish on:  April 19, 2022
Pages: 409
Format:  Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook

The Premise of the book is:  Chicago, 1923: Ten-year-old Dani Flanagan returns home to find police swarming the house, her parents dead. Michael Malone, the young patrolman assigned to the case, discovers there’s more to the situation—and to Dani Flanagan herself—than the authorities care to explore. Malone is told to shut his mouth, and Dani is sent away to live with her spinster aunts in Cleveland.

9. Words We Cannot Say by Sita Romero 

Genre:  Fiction / Mother and Family Fiction
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Red Adept Publishing, LLC
Publish on:  April 19, 2022
Pages:  321
Format: Hardcover, Audiobook, and eBook

The Premise of the book is: Words We Cannot Say is told through three diverse voices as the women navigate friendship, motherhood, pregnancy, and loss. What happens when women tell the truth about themselves, their desires, and the sacrifices they’re willing—or unwilling—to make?

10.  Some of My Best Friends: Essays on Lip Service by Tajja Isen
Genre:  NonFiction / Journalist Biographies
Books Publisher: Atria/One Signal Publishers
Publish Date: April 19, 2022
Pages: 240
Format:  Hardcover, Paperback, eBook

The premise of the book is:  These nine daring essays explore the sometimes troubling and often awkward nature of that discord. Some of My Best Friends takes on the cartoon industry’s pivot away from colorblind casting, the pursuit of diverse representation in the literary world, the law’s refusal to see inequality, and the cozy fictions of nationalism. Isen deftly examines the quick, cosmetic fixes society makes to address systemic problems, and reveals the unexpected ways they can misfire.

In the spirit of Zadie Smith, Cathy Park Hong, and Jia Tolentino, Isen interlaces cultural criticism with her lived experience to explore the gaps between what we say and what we do, what we do and what we value, what we value and what we demand.

11. Pay Dirt Road: A Novel by Samantha Jayne Allen
Genre:  Fiction /  Small Town Mysteries 
Publisher ‏ : Minotaur Books
Publish on: April 19, 2022 
Pages: 297
Format:  Hardcover, eBook, and Audiobook

The Premise of the book is: When a waitress at the café goes missing, Annie and Leroy begin an investigation that leads them down rural routes and haunted byways, to noxious-smelling oil fields, and to the glowing neon of local honky-tonks. As Annie works to uncover the truth she finds herself identifying with the victim in increasing, unsettling ways, and realizes she must confront her own past—failed romances, a disturbing experience she’d rather forget, and the trick mirror of nostalgia itself—if she wants to survive this homecoming.

12. Wingwalkers: A Novel by Taylor Brown

Genre:  Fiction / World War I Historical Fiction
Publisher:  St. Martin's Press 
Publish on:  April 19, 2022 
Pages: 320
Format:  Hardcover, and eBook

The Premise of the book is: Wingwalkers is one-part epic adventure, one-part love story, and, as is the signature for critically-acclaimed author Taylor Brown, one large part American history. The novel follows the adventures of Della and Zeno Marigold, a pair of Great Depression barnstormers who are funding their journey west by performing death-defying aerial stunts from town to town, and braids them with the real-life exploits of author (and thwarted fighter pilot) William Faulkner. When their paths cross during a dramatic air show, there will be unexpected consequences for all.

Brown has taken a tantalizing tidbit from Faulkner’s real life―an evening's chance encounter with two daredevils in New Orleans―and set it aloft in this fabulous novel. With scintillating prose and an action-packed plot, he has captured the true essence of a bygone era and shed a new light on the heart and motivations of one of America's greatest authors.

13. End of the World House: A Novel by Adrienne Celt

Genre:  Fiction / Psychological and Renaissance Literature
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publish on: April 19, 2022
Pages: 320
Format: Hardcover, Audiobook, and eBook

The Premise of the Book: When a mysterious stranger offers them a private tour of the Louvre, the women find themselves alone in the museum where nothing is quite as it seems. Caught up in a day that keeps repeating itself, the two are eventually separated, and Bertie is faced with a mystery that threatens to derail everything. A heartfelt ode to friendship and self-discovery, The End of the World House is a charming and thought-provoking novel exploring relationships, art, and the choices which make all the difference.

14. I Am the Ghost in Your House by Mar Romasco-Moore

Genre: Fiction / Teen and Young Adult Mystery and Detective Stories
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Delacorte Press
Publish on: April 19, 2022 
Pages: 432
Format: Hardcover, eBook, and Audiobook

The Premise of this book is: A magnificent story of love, and friendship, and learning to see yourself in a world based on appearances, I Am the Ghost in Your House is a brilliant reflection on the importance of how much more there is to our world than what meets the eye.

15. The Edge of In Between by Lorelei Savaryn

Genre: Fiction / Children Book about Death and Dying.
Publisher : Viking Books for Young Readers
Publish on: April 19, 2022 
Pages: 304
Format: Hardback, Audiobook, and eBook

The Premise of this book: A spellbinding tale of magical realism and superb, twisty retelling of The Secret Garden, where twelve-year-old Lottie’s colorful world turns suddenly gray when an unexpected accident claims her parents, and she is uprooted from her home to live with an eccentric uncle she never knew she had—on the border that separates the living and the dead.

So there you have it and plenty to choose from.   I have at four! on my radar and will be getting them soon.  Of Course, I will review them for you! What about you? Were you waiting for any of these new releases?  Hope you have a great week and that the time goes slow enough for you to read more than usual!

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