10 Best Christmas Gifts for the Book Lover – 2021

We are book lovers and we love giving book related gifts don’t we?  I personally love any gift that inspires me to read more and I am always in the lookout for great gifts that are book related for my Dad, kids, and friends.  There is something so personal when we gift something that is personalized to our loved one’s taste and likes.  It shows we took the extra time to find that special gift.  Is not about the price tag, it is about the thought behind the gift.

Every Christmas we are faced with the same question: What do we buy?Here are 15 ideas I would love to share with you and hopefully will answer your question!

  • 1. What is better than cozy up with a hot cup of tea (or coffee) and a blanket and a great book? Yes, we need to think about it because we all want that NOW!.  I found these blankets to be the perfect gift for a book lover.  I am giving you options to different websites that have them.  I personally will be over the moon if I get one of these awesome blankets. Below is one option from Amazon, but there are also available at http://www.redbubble.com and http://www.storiarts.com.
  • 2. Bookends: Bookends make a perfect gift because it can be personalized in so many ways.  Below is a bookend for the youngsters in your life, but bookends can be also super modern as the ones in www.cb2.com (which are beautiful), or super unique as the ones found in www.etsy.com where the personalization options are infinite.
  • 3. Tea Book Tins: This is perfect for the book lover that is also a tea aficionado.  Remember that blanket with the hot cup of tea? Yes, we love this indeed!  I have found the ones below from Amazon but there are also great options from www.uncommongoods.com and www.theteacancompany.com
  • 4. Book Subscription!

There are so many great book subscriptions to give away for the book lover in your life: a few are:  

  1. Amazon Kindle Unlimited:  $9.99 a month (but have great sales)
  2. Book of the month: It is a monthly book subscription, they have 3, 6, and 12 months options and a huge variety of new releases, with special early releases in the mix  www.bookofthemonth.com
  3. Books Brews from Etsy. Is a Book Subscription Box  that includes Books, Coffee, Tea and Chocolate. You can choose from a variety of book genres and 1, 3, or 6 month subscription.  www.etsy shop BookBrews
  4. Literati Book Subscription is another great option. It has a more sophisticated taste and it allows for discussions on the book (like a book club). It has 1 year, 6 and 3 months subscription options www.literati.com
  5. Audible subscription from Amazon prime for your reader that loves audio books. The subscription is 14.99. http://www.audible.com
  • 5. Bathtub Book Luxury Tray:  For the persons who love to read and have stressful jobs this is perfect!  You are gifting them with the time to relax while reading their books, ebooks, or audio books. The one below is from Amazon, but there are also great options:  www.wayfair.com also www.bedbathandbeyond.com and www.urbanoutfitters.com
  • 6. Book Journal:  Now this is something an avid reader will truly enjoy.  Also a young reader as they start their reading log history.  Below is the one I like from Amazon which allows for quick but important information for each book you read. You can also find another options on www.etsy.com (writindstudios) and www.moleskine.com
  • 7. 1000 Books to Read before you Die Book:  I personally love this Book, I bought it a few years ago and I keep it on my nightstand.  It is a great book to read randomly and also with the purpose of reading new and interesting books you had no idea about. 
  • 8. Page Anchor: This is a super practical gift for the avid reader.  I use it a lot when I read in bed and also when I am using my cooking books.  It is really clever, and the look is very clean.  The one below is from Amazon, but you can find them also at www.etsy.com (TFCustomGifts where you can personalize it) and www.page-anchor.com 
  • 9. Readers Magazine Subscription:  There are two magazine subscriptions for books that I have and I am super happy with it. I love magazines by itself, but one just for books? Oh it is heaven.   I  have Foreword Reviews which is bi-monthly and are 29.95 a year. It has tons and tons of new book releases, reviews, showcasing authors, new releases, awards, etc check it out at www.forewoodreviews.com .  I also have Oh Reader Magazine which is more about the importance of reading in our lives and the articles are for readers written by readers and writers it is 29.99 for the year and it is printed four times a year, find out more at www.ohreader.com
  • 10. A kindle or a Nook: I have a Nook (by Barnes and Nobles), it is my second one and I bought my first one about 10 years ago.  I have never had a Kindle but my mom does and she loves it too.  The prices are super competitive for both the Kindle and the Nook.  I have the Nook with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription so, yes, you can do it all.  I still buy hardcovers and paperbacks, but I also always have an eBook that I read right before I fell asleep.  Additionally, if you have Amazon Prime, there are already tons of options for free books to read and also relevant magazines for all tastes, interests, and hobbies.

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