10 Best Sock Stuffers for the Book Lover – 2021

We are book lovers and we love giving book related gifts don’t we?  I personally love any gift that inspires me to read more and I am always in the lookout for great gifts that are book related for my Dad, kids, and friends.  There is something so personal when we gift something that is personalized to our loved one’s taste and likes.  It shows we took the extra time to find that special gift.  Is not about the price tag, it is about the thought behind the gift.

Sock stuffers are a thing in my family. For years I have tried to stuff with super personalized gifts that show my love and appreciation for the special people in my life.

Here are 10 ideas I would love to share with you!

  • 2. Scarves: These are absolutely beautiful and comes in different models including Alice in Wonderland and others. Check out also http://www.storiarts.com for more bookish fashion.
  • 3. Book Page Holder: These are so perfect for any reader of any age. You can also find them at Etsy if you would like them to be personalized!
  • 5. Bookish Spoons: These are so cute! It is the perfect sock stuffer for any one in your family who loves to read with a cup of tea or coffee or a cup of ice cream! You can also find lots of personalized ones in Etsy.
  • 6. Book Stickers: These are specially fun for the little ones in your home and for those who likes to journal.
  • 7. Bookmarks: As readers we can never have too many bookmarks. These are beautiful, and you can also find more options at Etsy where personalized bookmarks are a sure find.
  • 8. Keychains: I find these to be a wonderful little gift. If you like personalized gifts Etsy has plenty of options as well.
  • 9. Bracelets: These are so pretty looking!!! and perfect size to be a sock stuffer!
  • 10. GIFT CARDS!!! oh So many options!!! From Amazon to Barnes and Nobles, gift cards are the perfect last minute sock stuffer in case you run out of time!!

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