4 Tips effective tips to boost your mood when feeling depleted

  1. Get outdoors!

Very simple, but oh so effective.  Going outdoors does not necessarily mean that we need to gear up to make a 1 hr walk around the neighborhood (although if you can EXCELLENT!), it can also be just sitting on the bench outside watching cars to drive by or like in my case, just go to my little backyard and watch my 10-year-old kick soccer ball for 20 minutes, encouraging and laughing with him.   Also, it can be to attend to your growing herbs, plants, or flowers or simply putting the yoga mat outdoors and doing some simple stretches.  Go outdoors and relax with nature.

2.  Listening to your classic oldies. 

This always works for me, and in my house, they know that at the moment that they hear the Spanish singer Miguel Bose or the band Duncan Dhu or Sublime it means that I am recharging my soul and my mind.   I have nothing against listening to new hits (like the latest reggaeton song by Bad Bunny), but if you want to have a boost of energy put on that song that you would hear with your friends growing up in repeat!  Listening to Aerosmith “Crazy” is a direct battery recharge and at the same time brings me memories of happy times!

3.  Drink a cold beverage.  

Preferably not caffeinated, however, from natural juices to water, to sparkling flavored water (Bubly Strawberry Flavor is my to-go-to drink right now), ice tea, kombucha, or a fruity smoothy! A cold drink will make your body feel fueled and ready to tackle what is next!

4. Quick gratitude meditation:

Being grateful and mindful of the good things in our lives is also a great way to boost our mood and energy when we feel depleted.  As we get more tired we tend to focus on “the list of things we still need to do” and lose focus on what the list truly represents (family, home, kids, husband, food on our table, clothes to wear tomorrow), so taking a few minutes to be grateful through a guided meditation (3 to 5 minutes will be sufficient) is super effective!

I am confident that these 4 easy tips that can be easily followed will boost your mood when you feel like you are “going down” and feeling depleted. They are easy to make, inexpensive, and all you need is the right attitude to want to change your present mood state. 

Published by maripark

Born in Panama in 1980. Got a Naval Architect and Marine Engineering Degree in New Orleans, LA. Married since 2005 and a mom of two wonderful sons. Currently living in Spring, TX. Balancing love, work, my passion to be constantly in pursuit of happiness and mindfulness through my life coach practice.

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