Unleash your curiosity for New Interests and Passions

We all move through life like an over-rehearsed dance and it takes time and practice and a lot of will to slow the music and to use our intuition to decide when to stop the dance and watch our performance from afar.

We learn to focus on what we need to do to survive each day.  Taking care of our loved ones and the people closest to us, but, sadly at times, we leave ourselves out of our own top priority list.  As we move through life there are so many experiences that can trigger our attention.  From playing a sport to knowing how to do pottery.  Perhaps we are interested in learning how to read Tarot Cards or to be a bird watcher, or photography.   There are so many interests from yoga practice to breakdown dancing… we need to let our hearts and mind guide our attention and release the fear of trying new things.  We don’t have to be the best at it, we just need to try it, we need to be brave and kind and let go of what other people may think as we walk our own path.

These interests and passions are necessary to nurture our souls and to provide ourselves with the time and space for self-growth.  Perhaps the interest will be short-lived (like when I wanted to learn about constellations), or perhaps it will develop in a life-long pursuit (like with my passion for quilting).  

Sometimes these interests and passions will be not easy to pursue or to stick with. They may require a lot of time and effort from our side, but nevertheless, if we have the flame ignited within us we owe ourselves to make the effort and find out how it fulfills us in our journey of life.

Also, there is a misconception that we need to finish everything that we start.  Not true. You can start to pursue an interest or passion and discover that flame has burned out midway. It’s ok, take in all that you have learned, and see what is next on your list.  Maybe you will go from doing pottery to learning how to dance Flamenco… hey they both sound exciting!

Go out and pursue an interest, a passion, a hobby.  Treat yourself with the gift of discovery free of judgment.  From playing video games to learning how to quilt, there are so many interests to learn, to make our brains tickle with curiosity, to make our hearts beat at the rhythm of our own illusions and thoughts.   We don’t need to have an artistic side or a tech side, we just need to set aside kindness to let our heart guide us into what attracts us and have the courage to pursue it.

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