What are Limiting Beliefs and How we can Recognize them?

We all have different aspects of our lives that could potentially be holding us back. These aspects can be beliefs, habits, mindsets, or attitudes and for the most part, we grow so attached to them that we hold them as true. Limiting beliefs can be about yourself, about others surrounding us, about things that we own or that we want to own, or about things that we are afraid of or do not want in our lives.

Limiting beliefs do have a negative effect on our lives including:

  • Holding us back from making different or risky choices;
  • Keeping us from seeing good opportunities presenting or missing out on those opportunities because of our lack of confidence;
  • Blinding us from our self-worth and positive qualities;
  • Keeping us focused on the negative aspects of our lives accepting them as “meant to be”

It can be as simple as something that our parents, or older siblings, or grandparents have been saying all of our lives, for example, sayings like “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or it can be learned from friends, teachers, coaches, co-workers, culture and social media.

There are so many limiting beliefs that are an obstacle to our goals and dreams and if we are not aware of the true nature of those beliefs we will live our lives with an overcast shadow of doubt and we will pass it along to our kids, students, co-workers, or friends.

Below I am giving you a few of the limiting beliefs that resonated with me while growing up and when I was a young adult. These beliefs became a fundamental part of my belief system and it was not easy to weed them out as negative aspects that negatively affected my life.

For example:

  1. All the good ones are already taken
  2. I don’t have the skills of talent
  3. Apples do not fall far from the tree 
  4. What is meant to be is meant to be
  5. Is not good to swim against the current
  6. Successful people are just lucky
  7. I am not lucky because I never win anything
  8. I am just not good with money
  9. I always lose everything
  10. Rich people are arrogant

Each one of the above is a limiting belief that has at some point put a damper in my love life, my bank account, my optimism and hopes, and at the same time have made me settle with less of what I am worth and with less of what I can do.

Call to Action!

Write down 5 limiting beliefs that you have and next to it add in what aspect of your life it could have affected you. By being aware of our limiting beliefs we can start changing them into an affirmation that can work positively for us.

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