Acknowledging Lack of Expertise and Accepting Criticism

Through trial and error, we become better at what we do.  By doing the same task repeatedly we find ways to improve it, to be more efficient at it, and becoming experts in the subject.  But is not easy to get there. It takes humility to accept our own shortcomings and our lack of expertise, and also it takes humility to accept criticism.   

I personally grew up in a home in which all I did was always praised.  The mere act of trying was rewarded and therefore it was really challenging when my school work, or professional work, or even my house chores had some criticism attached to it.  I felt very big when I was praised, and in that same line, I felt very small when I was criticized.

However, with time I have understood that acknowledging that I am not an expert at certain things is an important first step in my road to a more humble me, the second step is to look up to people around me (or not so close to me) that seem to have a better understanding of the subject and ask for guidance.  I have found out that most people are willing to help out from the bottom of their hearts.

As the end of the year approaches, let’s be open to being more vulnerable at admitting that there are actions, knowledge, hobbies, interests, and passions that we want to be better at, but that in the process of getting there we need to seek the guidance of people who have walked the path before us. Additionally, we need to be willing to show our progress so that it can be constructively criticized and allowing us to see where our gaps are so that we can get better at it.

We are perfection on the works, and the road to continuous improvement will always be ahead of us. Being humble and vulnerable while walking our path is how we will cross the finish line.

One response to “Acknowledging Lack of Expertise and Accepting Criticism”

  1. Being ready to ask questions about the things we don’t know but need to understand is one of the most important behaviours I can think of. To do that, you have to let go of pride and accept being embarrassed or giving someone else a bit of power in their knowledge. But those things aren’t really dangerous, we shouldn’t be scared and how else will we learn?


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