Weekly goal:  Be committed to accomplishing one goal!

It is Sunday and as we pull out our bullet journals and start drafting how the week will pretty much plan out, let’s take the moment to choose one goal that we will focus throughout the entire week.  It can be anything including:

  • Getting Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas Day meal menu (including shopping list)
  • Wrapping all Christmas presents
  • Commit to doing fasting for the whole week (either 16/8 or 20/4)
  • Commit to doing cardio every day of the week
  • Commit to not eat any sugar (cakes, cookies, pies) for the whole week
  • Write in your gratitude journal twice a day for the whole week

Whichever is your goal commit whole heartened for the next 7 days.  As the year comes to an end and our hopes and faith get renewed based on the promise of the upcoming year finishing the last few weeks strong and reaching goals will give us the assurance that we can complete our goals.

Sometimes we just need accomplishments to move forward to more commitments!

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