Book Review: the witch elm by tana french

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I got this book at Barnes and Noble, way before the current mayhem took place. After a quick glance to the bI got this book at Barnes and Noble, way before the current mayhem took place.  After a quick glance at the book I decided it would be worth the read. I did not know about the author and her previous book, I literally judged the book by its cover.  As I started reading I had no idea what the plot, characters, or main idea of the book were, I readily submitted myself to the author narrative, the story, the backstory, and the mystery.

My Personal Opinion:

I personally loved the plot of this book. I loved how disconnected I felt from the main character at the early beginning just to evolve together with the character until I felt as I was him, I was able to understand his thoughts, his feelings, his fears.  

The characters of the novel are well described, with a lot of details, the unnerving feeling that some of them gave me, the apathy I could feel from some of them, then the deep love, the deep kindness, the anguishing feeling of knowing that life is ending, the fear of not suddenly not knowing who we are, the devastation of sickness or injury. So many feelings throughout the story, my feelings were in a continuous dance where many music was played.

At times I felt as if the lesson of “anyone’s good luck can just run out” was very present at many times.   The way the author translate that message throughout her characters and their stories was astonishing to me. I am honestly looking forward to continue to read other books from Tana French.

I do recommend this book, especially for those readers looking to wake up their reading neurons and are looking for a special treat of self-discovery, human empathy, and social apathy.   The book is full of beautiful prose, beautiful characters, drama, mystery, past and present coming to a shocking merge.

Favorite quotes:

“Honestly it wasn’t Susanna I was tired of, not really; it was me, wronged innocent, white knight, cunning investigator, killer, selfish oblivious dick, petty provocateur, take your pick, what does it matter? it’ll all change again”

The Witch Elm by Tana French

“The thing is, I suppose,” he said, “that one gets into the habit of being oneself. It takes some great upheaval to crack that shell and force us to discover what else might be underneath.”

The Witch Elm by Tana French

““Once the fear took hold, I was fucked. I’d never known anything like it could exist: all-consuming, ravenous, a whirling black vortex that sucked me under so completely and mercilessly that it truly felt like I was being devoured alive, bones splintered, marrow sucked.”

The Witch Elm by Tana French

“But we’re so desperate, aren’t we, to believe that bad luck only happens to people who deserve it.”

The Witch Elm by Tana French

The Highlights of the Book:

The book is written in the first person and that intimacy that we developed with the main character is unique as in times you can feel the despair, the urge to connect, the urge to understand, the urge to make sense inside his head of what is going right in front of him.  It makes you feel as you are part of the story and I did develop an incredible empathy for him, holding his hands throughout the narrative of the book.

The Negatives:

The story is thick and waved into a waterproof canvas that at times may lose you when you are trying to keep up.  Some parts of the story were a bit too long and a part of me wanted it to move forward faster. The frustration of the main character at times was a bit overwhelming and will bring the story into a depressing crossroads in which all possible roads did not provide a positive alternative, but more tragedy.  Be patient at the beginning and stick to the story and you will be rewarded. It is a long story and if you prefer shorter books this maybe a bit difficult to digest.

Information as found in Amazon:

  • Print Length: 528 pages
  • Publisher: Viking; First Edition edition
  • Publication Date: October 9, 2018
  • Category: Thriller
  • Language: English

What are you reading right now? What book would you recomend me? I am always looking for recommendations to add to my reading list.

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