Changing our priorities and moving forward

These days have been a learning curve for all of us towards empathy and understanding the people around us.  It’s humbling to understand that at the end of the day, the old saying, “We are all the same” is true and that no matter in what part of your life you find yourself, the ability to understand that there are still much more to learn can change our perspective, change our priorities, and also change our goals.

Changing priorities and goals have become a necessity for survival.  We need to reassess our current needs and wants, we need to connect with our community, we need confront the person we have become, and take the time to understand that right now, we are having the opportunity to change, and to change for the better.

During these four weeks, my priorities and goals have changed in all aspects of my life, and I believe I am not the only one.  Goals like, “Losing weight” have been upgraded to “Eat healthy to make your immunity system stronger”, and when my priority was “To find time for myself”, is now “Finding time to spend time conversing with my kids”,  and so on. My goals and priorities are shifting constantly these days and it is important to acknowledge that fact and accept it, so that we can allow those changes to take place within us.

This is a learning curve to all of humanity, and we are on this together, changing, evolving, and moving towards progress is the way we move forward and thus, it needs to be embraced.

As we move forward, below are questions that can help us understand these changes that are happening within ourselves and can allow us to have the courage to accept these changes, and the clarity to trace the roadmap to move forward.

  1. What 3 outcomes would you most like to achieve over the next 3-6 months?
  1. What leads you to want to take action NOW about the issues that are of concern or interest you (as opposed to 4 months ago?)
  1. What are the qualities, strengths, and values that you have which you think will be more helpful towards achieving the outcomes you have set out in 1 above?
  1. List below a small number of actions that you can take now to begin to move towards achieving the outcomes you want to accomplish?
  1. What can you do or say to yourself if you lapse or are tempted to lapse to help you stay on track or get back on the path to change?

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