6 prompts to help us reflect during hardships

I believe in the power of gratitude, to look into our lives with kindness, compassion, and love. To believe that we all have a life purpose and that the pursuit of happiness is imprinted when we are born.

I believe that we are all the same, humans, that my pain is not more hurtful than your pain, that my happiness is not more deserving than yours.   We are all searching for different things but that leads to the same goal: to live our lives, to live it the best we can.

I am providing you with some questions that you can use during this coming week, questions which while we honestly answer them we can calm our minds, ease our anxiety, take a hold of our fears, and smile with hope and faith.

I hope these questions provide you time with your thoughts and feelings. That beyond the anguish, uncertainty, and fear that surrounds us you can find the moment to be present with yourself.  To talk with your mind with kindness and understanding. We, grown-ups, do have our own set of worries, our parents, our sons and daughters, our jobs, our life that we have been building day by day, it all seems to be on the verge of crumbling and it is scary.  But do believe that we are resilient, we are stronger than what we believe, that we are empowered by our history and comforted by our vision of the future. We should not lose track of that, especially of our vision of the future. It is about doing all we can today so that our future can unfold itself.

Do I owe someone forgiveness?  Do I need to ask for forgiveness?

Am I open to feel small moments of happiness around me?

To whom or what can I give my wholehearted attention today?

How I am consolidating the feelings of what I want to do and I need to do?

What motivates me today to make the decisions I am making today?

As our minds start to spiral out of control, we need to take a moment to reflect on our feelings, the validate them, understand them, and when the necessary act above them.  The human race for, once again, is having its strength tested, however, this is 2020 and we can expect that our technological advances can match our personal and emotional ones.  We, united, can overcome this pandemic. United is the key.

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Born in Panama in 1980. Got a Naval Architect and Marine Engineering Degree in New Orleans, LA. Married since 2005 and a mom of two wonderful sons. Currently living in Spring, TX. Balancing love, work, my passion to be constantly in pursuit of happiness and mindfulness through my life coach practice.

7 comentarios sobre “6 prompts to help us reflect during hardships

  1. This is a wonderful blog post. What a great read. It is such a dark time around the world. Being in full isolation is depressing. Thank you so much for sharing this. Especially in the midst of this coronavirus commotion.

    Me gusta


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