Goals for the Month of March

As the months roll by us and we start feeling the pressure of how “fast the times go by” it is important to recognize that we are bound to enjoy our “now”, to get the best of it, and to accept our schedules and hecticness as part of our lives.  Having a month based goal is important as it allows us to keep track of what is important for us now (versus what was important to us back in December), it is important that we analyze ourselves at the beginning of every month, as our interest, passions, relationships, beliefs, and habits changes and therefore our goals may change as well. Oh, and it is also fun!

1.Read a self-help book.  I am currently reading the Power of Self-Coaching and I cannot recommend enough! It is truly a great book to jump-start the pursuit of an improved and better life and to learn how to change those bad habits that are holding us back.

My current read

2. To complete an exercise routine. Any routing involving anything that you would like to do. I started today March 2, 2020, my half-marathon training, and my 12-year old started a stretching routine. It can be yoga, pilates, afternoon walks or hikes, just commit for one full month.

1off3 m3 m3 moff3 m4 m
2off3 m4 m3 moff3 m4 m
3off3 m4 m3 moff3 m5 m
4off3 m5 m3 moff3 m6 m
5off4 m5 m3 moff4 m7 m
6off4 m5 m4 moff4 m8 m
7off4 m6 m4 moff4 m9 m
8off4 m6 m5 moff4 m10 m
9off4 m6 m5 moff4 m11 m
10off4 m5 m4 moff4 m12 m
11off4 m6 m4 moff4 m6 m
12off4 m4 m3 moff2 m13.1!
My actual training

3. To do a food journal… I am not good at this specific action, but I keep trying to stick with it.  The intention is not to count calories or see how much you eat, but when and how it makes you feel. I do believe that Intuitive Eating is real and a food journal is a window that helps us understand why we eat (and the food choices as well).

4. To make at least 6 new recipes.  It doesn’t matter if it is vegetarian, or for breakfast, or dessert, just try 6 new recipes that can expand your cooking abilities and repertoire.  I usually use the Yummly app, which is pack with thousands of recipes and you can save them in MyYums sections. The website is http://www.yummly.com, but there are others including just asking googles for specific meal you feel courious about trying in the kitchen.

5. To start looking for summer vacation possibilities.  We are currently booked for a Cruise, but last year was a road trip to three natural parks here in Texas where we live.  Start planning. I would usually start with reading travel blogs, then going to expedia bundles and see how much the overall is about to be and proceed to make the final decision by using trip advisor… yes, I am a travel junkie!

6. To accomplish meditation at least 3 times a week. Yes I know, it should not be that much of a commitment, but it is for me. I am sticking with it thought, at least three times a week. I use the app Headspace and works great with me. My husband usually will just put a Youtube video. Whichever way works for you the best, in my opinion Meditation is very personal.

7. Take the time to find new musicians and their music.  So much talent out there and great songwriters and singers are not truly recognized. My goal is to support new musicians this year. I use the google and pandora stations to guide me through music I have never hear of before and then find out more about the artist and their music. Also there are plenty blogs and music website trying to showcase new talent coming up.

8. Just like with music in Number 7  above, my goal is to find at least 3 solid Podcast specifically about Soccer (my passion), that I can listen during my driving time. I do search podcast also for improv, comedy, blogging, and even quilting. However, the goal this month is to find and follow Soccer dedicated podcast.

I challenge you to create your short term goals for March 2020. It can be 3 goals or 10 and can be as simple as drinking more water to more complicated as to complete educational courses, the important is to find motivation within ourselves to start and complete a goal within this month.

Published by maripark

Born in Panama in 1980. Got a Naval Architect and Marine Engineering Degree in New Orleans, LA. Married since 2005 and a mom of two wonderful sons. Currently living in Spring, TX. Balancing love, work, my passion to be constantly in pursuit of happiness and mindfulness through my life coach practice.

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