A poem from American poet Adrienne Rich

I have been reading The Norton Anthology Literature by Women (from when I was in college) it is a huge book and once in a while when I fill down or deflated (had to cancel my next week Mediterranean Cruise trip due to the ongoing Coranavirus outbreak) it is the best companion to get lost in the minds, hearts, souls, and creativity of amazing women whos poems, short novels, novels, essays and more, are full of hope, power, courage, sensitivity, sentiment, and just beauty.

Among the pages of the book, I found myself loving again the poems of the American poet Adrienne Rich.  Ther poems do speak to my soul, to my heart. Her writing is real and yet delicate, it is honest, and has so much sentiment.

Below is one of my favorite poems from this book:

From Twenty-one Love Poems


Every peak is a crater.  This is the law of volcanoes,
making them eternally and visibly female.
No height without depth, without a burning core,
though our straw soles shred on the hardened lava.
I want to trkeavel with you to every sacred mountain
smoking within like the sibyl stooped over her tripod,
I want to reach for your hand as we scale the path,
to feel your arteries glowing in my clasp,
never failing to note the small, jewel-like flower
unfamiliar to us, nameless till we rename her,
that clings to the slowly altering rock -
that detail outside ourselves that bring us to ourselves,
was here before us, knew we would come, and sees beyond us.

As I read it over and over again, I could not help staring at my husband, my love may be at times overbearing and overwhelming, but I am mindful of our path together with the infinite source of energy that propel us forward. 

Below are were you can find the book I have and the other one that I would recommend. Yes, this is an affiliate account so I would get some comission in ordered from the links.

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