Weekly Book Review by Mari

We have a soccer player in the family (my 9-year-old son) and for years soccer has maintained a very important place in our lives.  As a family and individually we love the sport. My dad recommended this book, he brought the book from Panama for me to read it. He spoke highly of the book and its author and I was pleased to agree with him. It is my first book written by Argentine novelist Eduardo Sacheri and I have lined up already a few more books including The secrets in their eyes which was turned into the same-name film and won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 2010.

The story centers on four friends and their never-ending passion for soccer.  After Alejandro “Mono” dies of cancer, the remaining three friends (Fernando, Russo and Mauricio) work towards securing that Alejandro’s daughter is economically taken care of.   However after Alejandro invests all his money in a promising soccer player that slowly falls behind reaching the full potential, the friends get into a complicated, funny, and at times heart-breaking plan to make sure Alejandro’s investment returns the needed profit.

The book is as funny as it is touching, is a declaration of friendship and family that is rooted in love, devotion, and loyalty.  It is the story of a friendship rooted in childhood that grows stronger as their lives take different roads maintaining in common their strong bond and the passion of soccer.  If you love soccer and believe in the power of friendship, I recommend this book.

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