Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary!

Coral Bordered Anniversary Card

Today is our 15th Wedding Anniversary.  It has been a crazy, wonderful, inspiring, and daring journey.  When I first think about it it seems like the time has flown by, but when I look deeper it has been a long ride to where we are now.  During these 15 years we have accomplished greatness and loss greatly, we have been the happiest and also the saddest, we have been the strongest and also the weakest, we have grown and therefore we have changed.

We have changed physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.  We survived losing it all to Hurricane Katrina and kept it together when moving to Houston. We have learned to rely on each other, to make strong the walls of our self-made family bubble.  We have seen and felt our priorities change over and over, we have made unforgivable mistakes and we have forgiven them.

We became parents and made us humble, made us grateful, made us vulnerable, but we built a front with a one-parent unit, always making decisions together, always on the same page, always supporting each other.  We have learned to talk through issues, listen to each other minor complains and pay attention to the major concerns.

I can remember clearly that January 8, in New Orleans, in our newly bought home with scarce furniture, with our closest family and friends gathered around us, completely clueless of what was to come, but certain that you were the one.

We have changed, hopefully, we are now wiser and kinder, we have more wrinkles, more white hair, more fashion mishaps that we want to accept…

We learned that to maintain our love together we need to adapt and readapt to ourselves as we grow and change our perspectives and interests.  We understand love will always be fragile and delicate, but strong enough to propel us to an unknown tomorrow with confidence.

I love you, 15 years later, you are still the sexiest man in the room and the butterflies, maybe they migrate from time to time and with no specific pattern but always come back, fluttering inside of me, reminding me of my love for you.

Coral Bordered Anniversary Card (1)

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