A poem to share: A Short Story

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I have been revisiting my past journals looking for some inspiration and I found this poem which I wrote when I was 22 years old (it feels like a lifetime ago).  It’s hard to connect with the feeling of sorrow and heartache that I felt at that time, but I can still feel the inspiration when I was writing it.


There is no darkness when we want to see

There is no tiredness when our will wants to continue the road ahead

I have come to realized that years are days

And that a lifetime can be summarized in a short story…

I believed you were the one, 

I believe we were meant to be eternal,

But you are just a short story…

You are just a day.


Mari Park 2002


It is not easy to share intimate stories written by our souls at some painful time of our lives, but as I look back, there is no intimacy attached to it any longer, I guess I grew up and now is just part of long lost past.

Do you have old journals treasured in some forgotten drawer?



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