Oh Pupusas!!! The Challenge… accomplished (more or less)

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We have been thinking about making pupusas…  We like having snacks that we can easily make when the kids or my husband are hungry.  For years we have been making burritos. It is a task but in the end we have about 30 to 40 burritos that go in the freezer and if hungry it only takes 2 and a half minutes in the microwave… I will show you how we do this as well (we ground our own chicken and beef).

Pupusas were a good idea because they were smaller and we could do it vegan as the feeling is less and the intention is not so much a mini-meal (like the burritos), but a meatless snack we could eat if hungry.

So I went to YouTube and search and saw tons of videos (some very good) and decided we should give it try.   The intention was to do it healthy so we did organic and vegan.  The corn masa I found was from Bob’s Mill (the only organic one).  We did no use cheese although all the videos I saw had it but wanted to stay as vegan as it was possible.   So I choose the filling based on my experience and my family taste buds.


I use the entire Bob’s Mill packed and got 26 pupusas (22 went to the freezer and 4 were eaten during the trial and error process.

Tips I learned:

  1. It is true in the YouTube videos when they say the masa needs to be “by texture” not measurements.  I did little by little and divided into two patches to have more control and be able to “fix” in the case I would add to much water.
  2. The “one hand” method I saw in the videos was NOT as easy.  My husband had the brilliant idea to use a hamburger patty maker (first time we use it so at least now it has a function in the kitchen) and with that I did one thin tortilla, put the filling and put another tortilla on top and closed it.  It was a smooth run to the finish line once this method was adopted.
  3. I used a substantial amount of salt for both the masa and the filling.  We like flavored food and the sweet potatoes, carrots, and refried beans do not yield that much of kick so salt, cayenne pepper, and black pepper were used. I also used Turmeric because we all love the flavor.
  4. Like I always say… “Patience is a virtue so cultivate it”, you need to be patient.  The whole process was almost two hours, but looking back the next batch will take about 1 hr and a half and the time will be less and less as we get better.  My first batch of burritos was so time-consuming we started “separating” a part of the day to make it and now I can make it all by myself while multitasking around the house. It only takes practice.

I hope you get inspiration to do this or other dishes you think is just not possible for you to make. It is really good when you realized to CAN cook at home what you like.  I bought pupusas (frozen) from the Market it was almost 5 bucks for 4 small pupusas.  I spend around 12 dollars with a turn out of 26.  I cannot say they are authentic pupusas but I can say I will continue to improve it until they are close to the real thing.

Try something challenging… it may just pay off

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